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During last night's game against the Hawks, Chris Bosh(notes) became the first Raptor in franchise history to score 10,000 points. Naturally, the fans went nuts.

Bosh didn't. From the Toronto Star:

Alert observers noted that Bosh, stone-faced, didn't so much as acknowledge the appreciative throng.

He didn't raise a hand in return of the love.

He didn't offer a knowing nod.

And wasn't that as good as waving goodbye?

No, no, no. Nobody's saying Bosh has made his decision to leave Toronto when he has the option to become a free agent in July, although there have been plenty of observers, both inside the team and around the league, who have noted his post-all-star-break swoon and wondered if it indicates the intention of an impending departure.

How dare you, Chris Bosh? How could you not wave to the fans during a close game in the midst of a playoff race? Not cool.

Or maybe, just maybe, he was caught up in "kind of a crappy game for him," and didn't really feel up to celebrating an individual honor. This ranks below LeBron in a Yankees hat in terms of cause for concern. If Chris Bosh leaves, it's going to be because he's extremely frustrated, not because he played with some All-Stars in February.

This summer's free agency is going to make everyone crazy.

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Ball Don't Lie

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