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With the NCAA tournament in full swing, the programming heads at TNT came up with a brilliant idea to counter the ratings bonanza over on CBS — letting Charles Barkley call a live game. Along with his studio mates Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, it was the first time they'd been on the mic for a regular season game since 2001.

Thankfully, the Bulls got destroyed, leaving the guys a chance to talk about whatever they wanted. Here's the highlights.

Classic Chuck. Only he and a bunch of people of retirement age would choose "The Mentalist" over NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup. Though I will agree that Simon Baker is mighty charming.

But that video misses the best thing from Thursday night's game — Barkley getting in the spirit for Noche Latina.

That's a really good look. In fact, it's the best look. I say we call him "Señor Carlos" from now on. He's clearly already mastered Spanish, so it suits him.

There's another video that features the sombrero, along with some other highlights, but I'm not sure that's something you want to put your eyes through more than once. Watch with caution.

(h/t Jose3030)

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Ball Don't Lie

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