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I'm not ashamed to admit that I like reality television. Sure, it's stupid and silly and totally not real at all, but it's so much fun to watch people act stupid and silly. I'm down with competition shows, putting-a-bunch-of-people-in-a-house-together shows, and even making-fancy-lady-clothes shows. Basically anything but wedding shows. Those shows are the worst shows.

But I guess I've got to get over my anti-wedding television bias by September, because that's when a series based around Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony's(notes) July nuptials will be broadcast on VH1. That's must-see TV, you guys. From a press release, via Gossip on This:

The series begins with the betrothed couple, Lala and Carmelo, meeting with A-list wedding planner to the stars Mindy Weiss and follows them through all the wedding planning festivities. Viewers will ride along as Lala shops for the perfect designer wedding dress, chooses the wedding venue, picks out the ultimate wedding cake and menu, plans their honeymoon, and contemplates the guest list, all while maintaining her and Carmelo's hectic schedules.

Along the way viewers will also get a glimpse at Lala's celeb-hosted bachelorette party in Las Vegas, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the couple as they gather with their family and friends to prepare for the big day. The series will culminate in a 90-minute lavish celebrity-filled wedding finale in New York that only this superstar couple could host.

Fabulous! And totally worth watching for at least one episode, right? It's going to be hilarious to watch Mr. Stop Snitchin' get dragged along to food tastings, to pick out a tux and all that silliness that goes into planning a wedding.

Furthermore, there's the very real chance that some of Carmelo's Denver teammates will be involved with the wedding, and frankly, I can't think of much funnier than Kenyon Martin(notes) and J.R. Smith(notes) acting like grown-ups. This has great potential.

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