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C-a-C: Trevor Ariza clearly has not practiced protecting his chin

Idan Ravin is no fool, Trevor Ariza(notes). They don't call him "The Hoops Whisperer" for nothing. He can see when you've been working on your game and when you haven't, and it's very, very clear that you haven't been working at all on protecting your chin. If you don't protect your chin, how are you going to defend the myriad punches that opponents are now completely allowed to throw at your face while checking you in the backcourt?

What? You didn't know that's legal now? God, you haven't even READ the tentative collective bargaining agreement, have you? Oh, right, your union rep couldn't reach you. Suuuuuure. More excuses.

Best caption wins a reminder about the importance of chin protection, courtesy of Kostya Tszyu. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! The Dennis Rodman Point Meme just isn't as fun as the Trey Kerby Point Meme.

C-a-C: Trevor Ariza clearly has not practiced protecting his chinWinner, JD: Referee: "Turn around ..."

Rodman: "Every now and then, I get a little bit lonely / And you're never comin' round ..."

Runner-up, Al: Rodman simply refuses to listen the ref when told he is not voguing correctly.

Second runner-up, Justin Reyes: Rodman: "Then we went to the SIXTEENTH Chapel, and the paintings were all like ..."

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Jimmy A Couple of Times Division, goes out to Fred, whose submission -- "Did this guy just did this?" -- had two main problems: It gets John Starks' great quote from "Winning Time" wrong and the correct version was already the headline of the post. Still, I appreciate your comment, friend.

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