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It has been a while since someone had the gumption to sing for LeBron James(notes). We're talking at least two days, which is an eternity in the fast-paced world of free-agency recruiting stunts. I mean, if LeBron is really going to make his decision by Monday, that only leaves 72 hours that people have a chance to write and sing a song for the reigning MVP. That's a lot of pressure.

That's why, sometimes, you just have to let the professionals handle these kind of things. There is no better choice for LeBron songs than the cast of a Broadway musical, especially since the Knicks are kind of interested in acquiring his services. Luckily for us, four lovely ladies from "Promises, Promises" have quenched our undying thirst for songs written to lure LeBron James to various locales.

Pretty convincing pitch, if you ask me. It's impossible to argue with their infallible street meat logic. And everybody knows that LeBron loves alphabetical order, so that seems to be another mark in New York's plus column.

I assume the Nets have already contacted the cast of "Jersey Boys" for a response. Here's hoping their minority owner drops a verse over "My Boyfriend's Back."

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Ball Don't Lie

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