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Want to see what $7,500 looks like? Of course you do. Boom!

Stu Jackson (@angrysocialist), the NBA's Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, announced today that Bucks rookie Brandon Jennings(notes) (@YUNGBUCK3) has been fined $7,500 for posting a message on his Twitter account following Milwaukee's (@Bucks) double overtime win over Portland (@pdxtrailblazers) last weekend.

Jennings was fined for the timing of his post, not the content.

RT @Associated Press: According to the NBA's social media policy, players cannot tweet during game time, defined as beginning 45 minutes before the game starts and ending after players have finished talking to the media following the game.

As you can imagine, Jennings is somewhat confused: "I understand I got fined, but 7500? For being happy over a win, you would of thought I said something bad. I mean it was a big win for us."

That it was, rook. And now you'll be fined an additional $7,500 for tweeting about an "illegal" tweet.

My advice: Quit while you're behind.

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