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When news came out a few weeks ago that Boris Diaw(notes) rode a Segway to Charlotte Bobcats games, I thought it may have been a bit of an act. Just Diaw having fun playing himself off as the eccentric character that he is, utilizing the most effete form of transportation possible (for a 6-8 guy, at least, because a Smart Car ain't happening) while talking to the Charlotte Observer's pop culture writer.

But leave to David Arnott of the very good Bobcats blog Rufus on Fire to point out that, in the absence of traditional media, Boris Diaw does drive a Segway. It's no illusion, Michael.

David takes it from here:

Around 4:15pm this afternoon, I bumped into Boris Diaw, "walking" his dogs in Freedom Park.

And here is what Arnott photographed:

That's our buddy, Boris Diaw, trucking around in a Segway. The guy is for real. At 12 mph.

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Ball Don't Lie

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