Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Portland 96, San Antonio 93

A slow, very fun, game that was only held from being an out and out shootout by the rather pedestrian (27 total) amount of free throw makes.

Otherwise, good scoring, good shooting, low turnovers. The only reason San Antonio was even in this game was because Portland doubled the Spurs up turnover-wise; 12 to six. And, really, 12 turnovers? That's like a world-class body builder admitting to enjoying the odd bowl of Frosted Flakes with skim milk.

Portland worked at this game. The Spurs had issues executing offensively down the stretch, and the Blazers never stopped poking, working, moving itself into a position to take a good shot. San Antonio just did not have the defensive answers, and though the score of this game was a little low, Portland's 111 points per 100 possessions was quite high.

28 points and 13 rebounds for LaMarcus Aldridge(notes) who, based on the sheer amount of on-court microphones, is clearly referred to as "LA" by his teammates.


Cleveland 102, Miami 86

Watching LeBron and D-Wade go at it, sure, it's something to behold at times. But overall this was a pretty dull game, Wade had another smoothed-out second half that saw his scoring fall apart, and too many of LeBron's makes were of the "another 20-footer? Who are you, Detlef Schrempf?"-variety.

36 points for James, as he hit 17 free throws. Earned them, too. Boring.

A good deal of the in-game focus had to do with the non-Dwayne Wade portion of Miami's inability to create good shots. This is still currently a worry, but Miami's worsening defense (117 points per 100 possessions) is no slouch either.

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Ball Don't Lie

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