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BDL's completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining, Bedlam Tournament continues. Thanks to your help, we've compiled a list of 32 things that you may or may not love about the NBA and seeded them into four regions. Time to put the first round to bed ...

At last, our final first round matchup! Whew. To finish it off in the Deep Region: No. 1 seed half-court (and some) shots vs. No. 8 seed Oklahoma City Thunder mascot Rumble. A closer look at the nominees:

No. 1 Half-court shots: Take your pick: Devin Harris' miracle buzzer beater (below), Dwight Howard's bombs, LeBron James' half-court underhand heave ... LeBron James' half-court underhand heave ... or LeBron James' half-court underhand hea— OK, I'll stop.

No. 8 Rumble the Bison/Teen Wolf: Lowered from the Ford Center ceiling during the half of a February game, Rumble — who was once struck by lightning and suddenly walked on two legs like a man — played the drums, danced with the Thunder Girls and botched his first two dunks. What a great start!

So, who/what makes it through to the next round? What do you love more? Vote today.

WINNER: Half-court shots wins with 81% of the vote.

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Ball Don't Lie

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