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October 01, 2010

Be chill, my bros

It's 11:53 on Thursday night and I'm laying in my bed writing my last Ball Don't Lie post. That's fitting, you see, because most of the writing I've done since I took over has been done from my bed. I don't know why, but my brain seems to work best when I'm lying down. I assume it's because the blood hangs around more that way. I have a completely useless Health Science degree, so you should totally buy that reason. I seem to have gone astray.

As you've already read, way up there in the first sentence, this is my last post as editor of Ball Don't Lie as I'm heading north to work with those guys from The Basketball Jones at The Score. Apparently that's the career path for editors of BDL. It's in the manual.

Leaving BDL isn't easy, at all. I could call this job a life-saver and it wouldn't be a joke. I could call this job the best I've ever had and it wouldn't be hyperbole. I could call this job ideal and it would be totally honest. I'm proud to have been a part of this thing since way back when Kelly linked up posts about my ankles to "interning" during live blogs to writing a column a few times a week to running the ship full-time. Heck, there's still a celebratory message my wife left on our kitchen chalkboard from the day I had my first bylined article. I'm crazy about BDL, and that'll always be the case. However, sometimes an opportunity comes along that's impossible to pass up. That's the case with The Basketball Jones. 

Last October I was unemployed. This October I had to choose between which of my favorite NBA websites to work for. I'd say it's been a good year. That's not possible without people like Mark Pesavento, Jamie Mottram and Johnny Ludden who are the most encouraging bosses you could ever hope to have. I mean, there's really nothing better in Internet life than having a guy you've looked up to for years publicly praise a Photoshop you did of Dwight Howard dunking into a toilet. That's pretty much the best thing you could ever ask for as a basketball blogger.

And speaking of all you could ask for as a basketball blogger, my utmost thanks go to Kelly Dwyer. Three years ago I was bothering him to help me learn how to be better at writing, and this year I officiated his wedding. I think he's the best writer around, and an even better person to know. I'm very, very lucky to count him as a friend.

So, goodbye. Kind of. I'll still be on the Internet making Brad Miller(notes) jokes. It'll just be in a different place, and if you want to check it out that'd be really cool. There's enough bandwidth for you to peruse two NBA sites, I'd think. If not, at least follow me on Twitter, because why not? It's free and worth every penny.

As my parting words, please allow me to offer this adage I live my life by: "Give a man a zing and he will laugh for a day. Teach a man to zing and he will laugh forever." Just keep having fun guys — this is basketball, after all.

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