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Baron Davis speaks about his forthcoming documentary on men’s style

Few NBA players are as well-suited for lockout life than unemployed former Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Baron Davis(notes). In part, that's because Baron has often seemed more interested in his life off the court over the past few seasons than in what he can do on it, whether it's been producing films or just generally acting as a Hollywood gadfly.

Not surprisingly, Baron already has a project lined up: a documentary on the sad state of men's style. A few weeks ago, The Basketball Jones noted that it was in pre-production. On Tuesday, he talked about the film with John Letzing for The Wall Street Journal (via SLAM Online):

The documentary, "American Schlub," is in pre-production. It takes aim at the poor sartorial standards of the American male, says Mr. Davis, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. "We used to be fashion forward," he laments. Now, "We're more of a sweats and Ugg boots type of society," he says. "We wanted to challenge men, from that perspective."

You should all go to that link, as well, because Baron's WSJ sketch portrait must rank among the best the publication's ever made.

There's been renewed interest in men's fashion recently, both on basic cable makeover shows and with more rigorous Internet pursuits like Put This On. This documentary should be able to find an audience, especially in urban centers. Which, given the state of documentary filmmaking, are probably the only places in which it's likely to be shown.

On the other hand, maybe there's a better person to teach men about style than someone who wore a flannel shirt, ironic glasses, and a winter hat to an NBPA meeting. Part of fashion is knowing the right outfit for the right situation.

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