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Following the release of the pictures from Kobe Bryant's(notes) all-white everything photo shoot — and in particular, his urban pilgrim look — we had to ask an important question: Where do these photos rank on the list of most bloggable photos of the Internet age? BDL is here to suss it out.

5. Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues are different sizes, Getty Images, 1987

I'd like to understand the planning behind this picture. Oh, I get the part about putting the tallest and shortest guys in NBA history (at the time) together, that makes total sense to me because I have spatial reasoning skills. It's the basketballs that confuse me.

It's almost like they didn't want this to seem offensive so they had to make sure it was about basketball. I mean, three basketballs don't even equal the height difference, so what is even going on here? So confusing!

And so, so great — even if the remix might be better.

4. Ira Newble(notes) defends Mike Dunleavy, various Internet sources, around 2006

Whenever I get around to writing a basketball instructional manual, this will be the entire chapter on defense. No words. No diagrams. No drills. Just a picture of Ira Newble kicking Mike Dunleavy right in the chops. You have to admit it's pretty effective.

Too bad Newble is out of the league now — this might be the best way to stop LeBron James(notes) and Dwight Howard(notes).

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's jacket, screen capture, 2006

"This is, without a doubt, the best jacket in the history of Western Civilization." -- Bill Walton

"Yep." -- everyone else on Earth

2. Dirk Nowitzki(notes) and Steve Nash(notes) chill with some bro, various Internet sources, 2003ish

Yeah, yeah, there are two pictures here. But so what? They're from the same crazy night and you really can't have one without the other, so let's just call it one picture for the sake of being friends.

Friends, just like Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki are to this day, and like they were with Goatee McPlaidshirt for the best night of his life. If there were ever any doubt that these two guys are two of the coolest in the NBA, the surfacing of these pictures puts that to rest. I wonder if Dirk ever found his hat.

1. Antoine Walker(notes) shimmies, various Internet sources, 2002 probably

This is it, you guys. The NBA's most bloggable picture of the Internet age. I hope you're happy because I really, really am. I mean, just look at Antoine shimmying while a play is going on behind him. That's the Antoine Walker I want to remember.

This picture is just amazing. Not only is it the perfect encapsulation of his entire career in a single frame, it also spawned the most incredible collection of Photoshops the World Wide Web has ever seen. It's more than qualified to hold the top spot. If you disagree, holler in the comments.

Come back next week for the outtakes.

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