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Following the release of the pictures from Kobe Bryant's(notes) all-white everything photo shoot — and in particular, his urban pilgrim look — we had to ask an important question: Where do these photos rank on the list of most bloggable photos of the Internet age? BDL is here to suss it out.

10. Lakers wear short shorts, Getty Images, 2007

Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers actually wore these shorts in a basketball game that took place in the 21st century. Well, for a half they did. So embarrassed by their prominent display of man thigh was the team that they changed in to their standard shorts at halftime. Sissies.

The clear winner of the night was Trevor Ariza(notes) who wore knee pads, high socks and long spandex like a futuristic Michael Cooper. While I wish they would have gone with slim-cut jerseys to match the tiny shorts, I think we can all be happy that Pau Gasol(notes) wasn't traded to L.A. until after this game took place.

9. The lonely Mavs fan, screen capture, 2007

It was bad enough that the Mavericks were to become the first No. 1 seed in playoff history to lose to a No. 8 seed in a seven-game series, but this Dallas fan might have got the worst part of it. It's hard to imagine what he was feeling as he checked his ticket, walked up the stairs and realized he was sitting smack dab in the middle of the craziest post-season crowd of the past 10 years. Somehow, this guy looks even more uncomfortable than the suit bros to his left.

8. Peja Stojakovic(notes) shirtless, various Internet sources, probably around 2000

Just your typical European beanie, jeans and a basketball modeling moment for one of the NBA's best shooters, that's all. I don't know why you think this picture is so weird. Everybody knows that when Peja's playing basketball without his shirt on he needs to know what time it is. He wouldn't want to be late to his next beard-trimming appointment, that's for sure. What's the big deal?

7. Kyle Korver(notes) "plays" "defense," Getty Images, 2008

Kyle Korver's a shooter. He knocks down 3-pointers, looks a little like Ashton Kutcher and hits his foul shots. When Korver's on the court, it's for offense. Just like Juwan Howard(notes) is old and Mike Woodson's goatee is crazy, it's common knowledge.

But c'mon Kyle Korver. At least fake defense a little bit. Flop, get a hand up, anything but this. Giggling while you turn away from a Rashad McCants(notes) jumper isn't really helping your reputation. Neither are the knee-high black socks, but that's another story for another list.

6. Steve Nash(notes) proving he's Canadian, various Internet sources, 2003-ish

Is there any better dance move in the history of dance than tearing your shirt open to reveal a plush pelt of chest hair? Doubtful. And just like soccer, basketball and making weird Internet videos, Steve Nash has mastered this move as well. The key is the barely exposed tongue.

Next time you're in a big group of people, do this exact move and watch the crowd go crazy. They'll lose their minds, trust me.

Come back Friday for the Top 5 most bloggable NBA photos of the Internet age.

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