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Following the release of the pictures from Kobe Bryant's(notes) all-white everything photo shoot — and in particular, his urban pilgrim look — we had to ask an important question: Where do these photos rank on the list of most bloggable photos of the Internet age? BDL is here to suss it out.

15. Glen "Big Baby" Davis poses with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, Getty Images, 2008

I think the best way to look at this work of art is to go from right to left. You start with Davis' pose which is so, so, so great. Like one of the best poses ever, I'd say. Then you see his face with his smile and his crooked hat and you start thinking, "This picture is amazing." But somehow, things get better.

Just look at the way he's daintily touching the trophy. So delicate and gentle as if to not leave a smudge. I guess winning an NBA championship makes you the happiest, most considerate person on earth.

14. Nowitzki, Nash and Cuban cowboy it up, various Internet sources, around 2000

Good luck trying to pick a favorite part of this picture. There are so many right choices. For instance, how can you pick Mark Cuban's jeans and braided belt as your favorite part when Steve Nash(notes) and Dirk Nowitzki(notes) are wearing cowboy hats? Plus there's Cuban's smile, Nash looking like he just randomly jumped in the picture and Dirk showing a little too much thigh. Way to go guys, you nailed it.

13. Hedo Turkoglu's(notes) pregame pizza, screencapture by Jose3030, 2009

Yep, that's an NBA player eating a huge piece of pizza right before a Game 7. No biggie. Carbohydrates are important for energy, so this totally makes sense. Not to mention the Magic won this game, which makes it pretty obvious that everyone in the NBA needs to mack on some pizza right before tip off. 

12. Joakim Noah's(notes) draft night look, Getty Images, 2007


11. Kobe Bryant as an urban pilgrim, Los Angeles Times, 2010

Maybe you're thinking this is too high for such a new picture, and you might be right. But consider this — this set of pictures caused such a stir that Kobe was asked about it on national television immediately after a playoff game. Even better, he said they were Photoshopped, showing that he immediately regretted the entire shoot. So great.

These are going to have staying power, my friends. And none more so than the hat-and-headband combo you see above. Even Ron Artest(notes) thinks this is a crazy look, even though he'll probably dye his hair to look like that.

A new classic, for sure.

Come back tomorrow for #6-10 most bloggable NBA photos of the Internet age.

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