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Ball Don't Lie's Two-on-Two All-Star Tournament continues. (No idea what I'm talking about? Click here.) Only six teams remain as we bring round three to a close. Vote away, people ...

Match-up: Tony Parker and Tim Duncan vs. Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming.

How the Spurs got here: Defeated the Kings' Martin and "Shock" (with 84% of the vote) and the Mavericks' Kidd and Nowitzki (67%).
Last game's play-by-play, courtesy of "Phantom Balls of Earl": "Spurs, 12-10 (closer than it should be). TP dominates early, but halfway through Kidd gives in to Dirk's impulse and they switch positions, Kidd posting up, backing TP way down, hits a few hook shots while Dirk stays way out, keeps Duncan out, and hits a few loooong 2s. Mavs storm back, but TP is too much. Duncan doesn't attempt a shot the entire game."

How the Rockets got here: Defeated the Warriors' Jackson and Biedrins (with 68% of the vote) and the Nuggets' Billups and 'Melo (58%).
Game play-by-play, courtesy of "John Magus-C": "Who is gonna stick Yao? Chauncy? 'Melo? Don't be ridiculous. As soon as one of them misses a shot and Yao or T-Mac gets the rebound, it’s game over. No contest. Double down on Yao, and T-Mac makes the mid-range jumper. This team should be in the finals of this two-on-two tournament."

Hypothetical rules: Half-court, offense calls the fouls, "winners out" to eleven (by ones and twos, natch), and you've got to win by two. Also, no jeans allowed.

And if you're in a creative mood, leave us a short description of how you see this game unfolding. Who jumps out to the early lead? Who nails the game winner? Break it down, Marv.

Voting will remain open until late Saturday night, MST.

POLLS CLOSED / WINNER: Parker and Duncan with 57% of the vote.

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