Ball Don't Lie - NBA

1. Dwight Howard's Self Alley-Oop (first dunk, finals). I don't know what's tougher, tapping a ball off the glass from a bounce and then slamming it home with your opposite hand or trying to explain it. That dunk was unreal. My only complaint: Dwight almost made it look too easy. It could've used a little more oomph!

2. Howard's Behind-The-Glass (first dunk, first round). He took Andre Iguodala's '06 classic and added a freakin' windmill. It's amazing he didn't decapitate himself.

3. Gerald Green's Through-The-Legs Off-The-Bounce Pass (first dunk, finals). G-Money has mastered the art of putting the ball through his legs. He gets that thing around and up unbelievably quick. Too bad Rashard McCants doesn't know how to throw a pass.

4. Jamario Moon's 360 Off-The-Bounce
(first dunk, first round). The extension on this one was ridiculous. Moon had to go way, way back -- while spinning -- to make it happen. Watch how high he gets.

5. Green's Cupcake (first dunk, first round). Loved the creativity with this one. The replays of Green blowing out the candle had the arena in stitches. Obvious impossible recommendation for next year: light the candle.

6. Howard's Superman (second "dunk," first round). I'm going to get grilled in the comments for placing this so low, but the fact of the matter is Dwight didn't dunk the ball. He threw it in. That's not a dunk. It's a shame, too, because everything else was perfect.

7. Green's No Shoes Through-The-Legs
(second dunk, finals). This one failed for two reasons. First, Green had just gone through-the-legs on his dunk prior. Second, I didn't even realize he had taken his shoes off. He could have sold that better.

8. Rudy Gay's Off-The-Stanchion (second dunk, first round). YouTube failed us tonight.

9. Moon's Tape (second dunk, first round). This dunk probably would've gotten Moon into the finals had he just ditched that whole tape set-up. Don't ever take up the javelin, Moon.

10. Howard's Mini-Basket (second dunk, finals). Meh.

11. Green's Windmill From The Ladder Pass. This one was horrible. Green windmill'd a lazy man's alley-oop. Color me whoopty-freakin-do.

12. Gay's Left-Handed Windmill (first dunk, first round). This was the only dunk of the night to score in the 30's -- and rightfully so. Nick Young would've put on a much more entertaining show. Sorry, Gay.

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Ball Don't Lie

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