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All-Star Weekend '08 is all the rage and BDL's own J.E. Skeets is in New Orleans posting highlights, happenings and anything else fit for digital print.

Sometimes having a small bladder can be a very good thing.

Last night, before the All-Star Saturday night events at the New Orleans Arena, I ran into Commissioner David Stern in the men’s bathroom. Seriously.

Stern had just finished his "State of the NBA" press conference. I had just finished my second can of Ginger Ale.

Besides Stern's intimidating bodyguard who was standing near the door, the Commish and I were the only two in the entire bathroom.

I was definitely caught off guard by the situation, but I tried my best to strike up some conversation.

Here's how our "interview" went to the best of my recollection. (I decided against whipping out a tape recorder. That probably would've been awkward.)

Skeets: (suddenly realizing David Stern is just two urinals down) Oh, hey, good evening, Mr. Stern.

Stern: Good evening.

Skeets: How are you doing tonight? How’d the press conference go?

Stern: I’m fine, thank you.

(Awkward silence)

Skeets: I promise not to ask for a sit-down interview in here, OK?

Stern: (laughing) Good choice.

Skeets: Are you excited for tonight’s festivities?

Stern: Very excited. It should be an entertaining night.

(Moving over to the sinks)

Skeets: Yeah, I love All-Star Saturday night. I always have. My friends and I usually get together, have a few beers, and watch it back home. It’s fun to watch with others.

Stern: It really is. Everyone can pick favorites to cheer on.

Skeets: Yeah.

Skeets: So, have you been happy with how everything’s gone this past weekend?

Stern: Yes, yes. The city of New Orleans has been incredible. No complaints.

(Moving to the door, which I go to hold open for him)

Stern: No, no, after you, after you.

Skeets: Oh, are you sure?

Stern: Of course. After you.

Skeets: Thanks. Well, hey, enjoy tonight’s events.

Stern: And you too. Take care.

And ... that was my "interview" with Commissioner David Stern in a men's bathroom. I love the NBA.

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Ball Don't Lie

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