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Sup everyone,

This is going to be a pretty sad edition of my travel diary because I'm leaving New York super early Friday morning. Frowny face, for sure. I had so many wonderful experiences and met so many wonderful people that it will be very hard to leave, except for that it will be on a plane which makes things pretty easy, actually. I meant metaphorically hard earlier, not literally hard. Obviously.

But anyways, Thursday was a very fun day despite it being the last day of fun in Gotham City (home of Batman — didn't see him though). It started out way early, which was not cool. But then I went to Radio City Music Hall, which is one of the best music halls I've ever been to. Even better — they put a basketball court on the stage. I didn't even think it would fit, but it totally did.

Told you it fit.

I was very impressed that that Radio City Music Hall had such a big stage that it could fit a full basketball court on it. That's why I pointed at it.

I don't know if you know this, but Radio City Music Hall is pretty much a big deal. A lot of famous people have been on that stage. People like Santa Claus, Ringo Starr who is famous from narrating "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends," and — probably the most famous — yours truly (me).

After my crowd-wowing performance, I got to talk to a lot of basketball players. Kevin Durant(notes) was super cool when we were talking back and forth to each other. I basically had to point at him. So I did.

Rajon Rondo(notes) was very quiet, but I will tell you what he said later this afternoon because he said a lot of interesting things about defense. He also had on the reddest shoes of all-time.

So red. Almost 100 percent all the way red. Because of America, I guess.

There were other players there too, like Carlos Arroyo(notes). I didn't have a chance to talk to him, but I took a picture of him looking like someone said they didn't like reggaeton music.

I am with Carlos because neither of us can even understand how someone could not like reggaeton.

I also saw Yi Jianlian(notes) hanging around the place. He said he hadn't talked to Yao Ming(notes) for a while because Yao just had a baby so Yi "didn't want to bother him." Yi seems like he'd be a nice friend to have. He also doesn't understand why someone would not like reggaeton music.

That's a face that says, "What's not to like about reggaeton?" (The answer is "nothing." There is nothing to not like about reggaeton.)

After I left Radio City Music Hall, I saw New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni walking on a sidewalk. I like the way his teams play, so I pointed at him.

You are just going to have to trust me that that is him. There is definitely a mustache on the other side of that head that my glowing finger is pointing at.

Later Thursday night I went back to Radio City Music Hall to watch Team USA play against Team USA. Famous comedian Anthony Anderson was kind of hosting the night and he had a pretty tough job. Just look at the script he had to follow.

He was hilarious!!!!!!

The basketball game was also fun. The two Team USAs only played two 12 minute halves, so that was weird. But it was a very cool ending because it was sudden death and I didn't even know that could happen. Tyson Chandler(notes) made a dunk and won the game for one of the Team USAs. I was so excited for him.

After that super dunk a rapper named Jay-Z did a bunch of raps. They were so good that I pointed at him. Then, after pointing at him and listening to raps, I ate a beef kabob which is pieces of meat on a super big toothpick. Very tasty. Then I went home and went to sleep.

It was a really awesome trip, guys. I wish you all could have been here with me, but we wouldn't have had enough room to have a lot of fun. Oh well. At least I got to share my travel diary with you.

Until next time,


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