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Hey super cool Internet friends,

I am having literally the best time that anyone in the entire world could possibly have in one place right now. As you know I'm in New York, checking out a bunch of the World Basketball Festival and I just thought it would be chill of me to let you know what is going on around here in the City That Doesn't Sleep That Much.

This place smells CRAZY, dudes and dudettes. It is like if you took every smell that has ever had a smell, then smelled them at the same time. You know what I'm talking about, like my main man Will Smith says in a lot of movies. But enough with the smells talk, let's get down to business — the World Basketball Festival. People seem really excited about it. Makes sense since it's basketball, which is basically the No. 1 coolest thing of all-time. Not to mention, only a crazy person wouldn't be super-psyched after seeing all these really great signs everywhere they look.

For instance, on the side of a street on top of some bricks.

Or in a store where a lady got super confused when I asked her if I could buy a poster like that from her.

They are everywhere you look, guys.

They're behind some glass and T-shirts.

And on top of streets.

And in more stores.

And really big on the sides of super famous sports arenas.

(Trust me. That is totally one on the Madison Square Garden. I just couldn't point at it because I was on top of the Empire State Building when I spotted it. So scary, you guys. Humans have no reason to just be walking around in open air a half-mile above the Earth.)

So like I said, this stuff is everywhere. It's a pretty big deal and it should be tons of super fantastic fun. Today wasn't the most exciting day ever, since I didn't get to talk to any of my favorite basketball players, but it was still super a lot of fun. Plus, I got to see this one lady with red hair who is staying in the same hotel as me.

Not sure who she is, but she seemed pretty important since there were soooooooo many weirdos taking pictures of her. I heard some guy yell "get away from her, you snakes" so I figured she must be famous for something. Might see if she wants to hang out in the game room and play "Area 51" or something like that.

Wednesday should be the mostest funnest day since I'll get to ask some cool dudes some cool questions. I'll let you know all about it Thursday. Can't wait!!!!!!!

Oh, and don't worry. I'm totally safe. Mom and Dad are here watching over me.

Ciao! (French for "see ya!")


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Ball Don't Lie

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