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OK, I've got the cake and snacks covered, but this party still needs a good drink — preferably something alcoholic. Anyone got a good punch recipe that involves rum and cinnamon? Yeah? Good. Pass me that ladle, Ricky.

Welcome to the 2009 NBA Draft, live at Ball Don't Lie. Tonight I'll be joined by Kelly Dwyer, "Phenomenal" Trey Kerby from The Blowtorch and Eamonn Brennan from Yahoo!'s own NCAA blog, The Dagger.

We'll be here all night, or at least until that Victor Claver guy is off the board, so shoot us a comment or nine. If it's lottery-worthy, you'll see it on BDL. If it's not — don't panic — it just means we didn't read it. (I'm kidding.)

See you in there.

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