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Second round action of our completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining, BDL Bedlam Tournament. Thanks to your help, we've compiled a list of 64 things that you may or may not love about the NBA and seeded them into four regions. Today we'll unveil the first eight match-ups of the second round. Voting will remain open until late Tuesday night.

Our final match-up in the Kobe Region: No. 2 seed Rockets' 22-game winning streak vs. No. 7 seed Dwight Howard's Superman. In the first round, the Rox 22 turned the 'Lights Out' on the Lakers, while Dwight's Superman slam edged Gerald Green's cupcake dunk by -- get this -- eight votes. Incredible. Another look at the nominees:

No. 2 Rockets' 22-game winning streak: From January 19th to March 16th, the Houston Rockets beat the Warriors, Pacers (twice), Bucks, Wolves, Cavaliers (twice), Hawks (twice), Blazers, Kings, Heat, Hornets (twice), Bulls, Wizards, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Mavericks, Nets, Bobcats and the LA Lakers ... in a row. When it was all said and done, the Rox had the second-longest winning streak ever.

No. 7 Dwight Howard's Superman dunk: It was the "dunk" that divided a nation. Was D-Howard's well-costumed, well-choreographed "Superman slam" (video) really even a dunk? Does it matter that he didn't touch the rim, or was the ball "propelling downward" good enough? Please raise your Sprite-sponsored cards.

So, who/what makes it through to the Sweet Sixteen? What do you love more? Vote ... right ... now.

Click here (and scroll down) to see and vote on all of the BDL Bedlam second round match-ups.

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