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Second round action of our completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining, BDL Bedlam Tournament continues. Thanks to your help, we've compiled a list of 64 things that you may or may not love about the NBA, seeded them into four regions and created a Madness-like bracket. Today we'll unveil the final eight second-round match-ups. Voting will remain open until the end of Tuesday, EST.

We start day two of Bedlam second-round in the stacked Lord Baron Region. Up first: No. 1 seed Baron Davis' beard vs. No. 8 Steve Nash in transition. In the first round, BD's facial hair won 85% of the vote against Sean Williams' headband, while Nash flew past Manu's pump fake. Another look at the nominees:

No. 1 Baron Davis' beard: There is no chin behind Baron Davis' beard. There is only another beard.

No. 8 Steve Nash in transition: "I said to [Nash], 'Dammit, Steve, you penetrate the paint and you kick the ball out with one hand, you gotta do it with two hands.' And he said, 'If I do it with one hand, it's about three-tenths of a second faster, and my teammate is going to have a better look at the basket.'" -- Dick Davey, Nash's Santa Clara coach in NY Times' Play.

So, what/who makes it through to the Sweet Sixteen? What do you love more? Vote or die.

Click here (and scroll down) to see and vote on all of the BDL Bedlam second round match-ups.

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Ball Don't Lie

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