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I've been putting this off all day, but congratulations, Marko Jaric. Your Brazilian supermodel girlfriend is the winner of our completely pointless, albeit oddly entertaining, BDL Bedlam Tournament. (Throw that on the resume!)

Backed by horny 13-year-old males everywhere, the eighth-seeded Jaric's boo defeated Mutombo's finger wag with 55% of the vote in the final. Her impressive title run included wins over No. 9 Tony and Eva Longoria, No. 1 Rasheed Wallace, No. 12 Oracle Arena, No. 3 Ray Allen's sweet jumper, and in the Final Four, the mighty No. 1 Baron Davis' beard. Just.

So, there it is. Thanks to everyone who voted, and apologies to those who couldn't stand the damn thing. I'll try to make sure that next year's Bedlam coincides with your two-week vacation plans.

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Ball Don't Lie

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