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With the NBA Draft just a few days away, Ball Don't Lie has decided to weigh in with its own 2009 Mock Draft, just for shots and giggles. But since we know so little about college basketball, we called in SB Nation's team experts (and a few others) to throw their darts at the board. Let's see what sticks ...

With the 12th pick in the 2009 Ball Don't Lie NBA Mock Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select ...

Gerald Henderson: SG, Duke, Junior

Rufus On Fire:

"The logical pick that won't elicit a refrain of 'MJ being MJ' is Gerald Henderson. The Dukie would be slated to step in as the backup off-guard behind Raja Bell(notes) this season, and then take over as DJ Augustin's(notes) backcourt mate next. Henderson might be the 'Best Player Available' and 'Fill A Need,' making everything nice and tidy. The hell of it is that if he isn't there, the BPA will likely be a point guard, either Ty Lawson (cue the cries of Tar Heel bias) or Jonny Flynn, a big man like DeJuan Blair, or a semi-big like James Johnson or Earl Clark, all of whom would be blocked by starters in the team's long term plans: Augustin, Okafor, and Wallace. There will be no high quality players to Fill The Need.

I'm no expert player evaluator, but if Henderson is there, we want him. If he's not there and we're set on picking a player to keep him ... a bulldog rebounding bench player like Blair doesn't do us much good ... and neither does a dynamic backup point guard who can't play defense alongside Augustin, meaning there's no use drafting Lawson or Flynn ... so we'd probably cast our lot with James Johnson."

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