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Back in the day, Jason Maxiell(notes) and Antonio McDyess(notes) were Detroit Pistons together. Maxiell was the young buck intent on destroying the rim any chance he got, and McDyess was the wily vet content to hit 18-footers and flex his muscles. They would have been great in a middling buddy cop movie that would have inevitably been named "Mick and Max," or something like that.

But before he left Detroit for San Antonio, McDyess gave Maxiell some advice that has stuck with him to this day. He let the Detroit News in on Antonio's little secret.

"It is all about how I work in the summer," Maxiell said. "I am trying to expand my game.

"McDyess said it is not just about dunks that makes a career. I took what he said to heart and I tried to do that."

What are you trying to do, Antonio McDyess? I'm all for "maximizing your talent" or "prolonging your career" or "getting better at basketball," but this is Jason Maxiell we're talking about. He eats babies, for crying out loud! Let him dunk his little heart out.

I mean, are you really trying to deprive us of this?

Shame on you, Antonio McDyess. And stay away from DeJuan Blair(notes).

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Ball Don't Lie

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