Ball Don't Lie - NBA

All cobbled from last night's Warrior win. 

On Lawrence Frank:

"The first player to go is usually the coach." 

After Mike Fratello took issue with a long-winded Miller contention that is too ludicrous to repeat here, Miller replied with:

"We're not here for lollipop and kisses." 

On Josh Boone's touch from the free throw line:

"What's funny, looking at his free throw stroke, [and] being a shooter myself, it looks really good.  His mechanics are good, his follow-through is good.  Now I'm just wondering if it's a matter of mechanics." 

Or the follow-through, even.

Then there's this back and forth between Marv Albert and Reggie, after Albert brought up Kiki Vandeweghe's tutelage of Boone: 

Marv: "Kiki was a terrific FT shooter in his career."

Reg: "Yes, he was. Terrific scorer, shooter, everything." 

Eh, let's just stick with "terrific scorer, shooter." Anything beyond that left a little to be desired.

Finally, after Monta Ellis made a driving layup: 

"Without the pity-pack and the dribbling, he's exactly like Dwyane Wade."

What the hell is a "pity-pack," and where can I get one?

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Ball Don't Lie

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