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Andrew Bynum scored a season-high 24 points last night, including a key put-back bucket late in the fourth, and it looks like he could be on the way to a big second-half. A few weeks ago, I caught up with the 21-year-old and was able to ask him a few quick questions. What I found out is that the Lakers' center spends his time like most other 21-year-olds. Bynum seems to have a good head on his shoulders and the seven-footer is pretty funny too ...

Ball Don't Lie: You're a big fan of "The Matrix" trilogy, which one of your teammates is most like one of the characters from the movie?

Andrew Bynum: I would say Trevor Ariza because he's so athletic, it's freaky ... you don't think guys can move that fast.

BDL: You're from Plainsboro, New Jersey, the same town in which the hospital in "House" is named after. Do you watch that show because of the connection?

Bynum: (Smiles) No, I didn't even know that. I might start watching it now.

BDL: Did you really call Kareem,"Wilt," the first time you met him?

Bynum: Yes I did. I was so star-struck I thought it was Wilt.

BDL: What's more impressive to you: Kareem's point total, or Wilt's assertion that he slept with 20,000 women?

Bynum: Uhhhhhhhh .... the women, because that's ridiculous.

BDL: Do you buy that claim?

Bynum: I don't buy it, but if [the number] was even half that, it's still ridiculous.

BDL: How much heat do you take from your buddies for cursing on live TV during that interview?

Bynum: I didn't take too much heat because I was like, "Whoops," right after.

BDL: There is a YouTube clip of you "making it rain," which has become very popular. How does it actually feel to "make it rain?"

Bynum: It was my 21st birthday and I got a hundred dollar gift, and I just threw it in the air; I didn't really need it.

BDL: But when you're standing there throwing the money around, are you feeling happiness, joy? What kind of emotions are you feeling?

Bynum: (Smiles) It was just ... I guess it was just excitement really. I was on the stage and the DJ was letting me [pick] a couple of songs.

BDL: I read that you're a big Halo guy. If you had your choice of weapons in that game, what would you take?

Bynum: Battle rifle and sniper rifle.

BDL: There are links to Facebook, MySpace, etc. on your website. Are you into all that stuff?

Bynum: Nah ... I had a MySpace page, but ....

BDL: OK, one of the other things I saw was that one of your favorite sports is tennis. Who would you model your game after?

Bynum: I just like to play ... in high school I played varsity tennis.

BDL: Were you the best net player in the history of high school tennis?

Bynum: (Laughs) Yeah.

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