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Via Sixersoul, Phil Jasner at the Philadelphia Daily News reports that new $80 million dollar man Andre Iguodola would like you to stop calling him 'Iggy,' thanks. "In 4 years, he has been called 'A.I.2,' 'Iggy' and 'The Other A.I.' "I don't like 'Iggy,' I don't mind 'The Other A.I.,'" he said. "It just shows the fans are watching basketball and know what I do. I want to be 'Dre, that's it. 'The A.I. thing, it's about Allen, always being in his shadow. He's a different player, brings a different element. It's like Kobe and Michael Jordan. Everybody says, 'Who's the next M.J?' You never want to be compared to another player [that way]. I just want to be me.'" Manuel "don't call me Manny" Lee feels 'Dre's pain.

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Ball Don't Lie

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