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KUTV news anchor Shauna Lake went one-on-one with Utah Jazz shooting guard Kyle Korver last week. It is without doubt one of the most awkward interviews I have ever seen. I loved it!

(Note: This is where I'd normally embed the video, but KUTV -- Utah's source for breaking news, weather and sports! -- has included some weird script code in the video that won't allow me to post it here. Computers, man. I give ‘em three more years. Tops. Anyway, click here to watch the interview.)

Lake grills Korver on anything and everything. She asks him about moving to Salt Lake City, his religious ties, his favorite music (Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Incubus), his three brothers, and whether he's comfortable being considered a sex symbol. (Nope.) Korver clutches a pillow to his chest throughtout the interview.

And then Lake's four-year-old son shows up to hand Korver a squished peanut butter and jelly sandwich from her purse. Seriously. It's wild.

Just watch it, if only for the ridiculously awkward banter between Lake and another host before and after the interview. Cable television is the best.

(Thanks to the My Utah Jazz blog for the tip.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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