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Prior to Thursday night, if you'd have offered me a deep-fried artichoke I would have said, "Hey man, thanks for this deep-fried artichoke. I bet it's delicious since fried food and artichokes are both pretty good by themselves." However, after seeing the trouble Phoenix Suns coach Alvin Gentry had with one of the tastiest vegetables on Earth, I might politely decline.

Vomitron is engaged and fully operational, captain. Permission to gross everyone out has been granted. Though I will say this is the most ingenious use of a courtside towel since Bill Walker's(notes) terrycloth tinkle from a few years back.

To his credit, Gentry did his best to conceal his illness, telling reporters that he wanted a trash can nearby so that no one would see him vomit. When that didn't work, he was quick with the zings.

When told that cameras had actually captured him throwing up into the trash can along the sideline, Gentry was surprised.

"They did?" he asked. "Oh, well, just tell everyone that it was Kobe Bryant(notes) making me sick."

Gentry said he received an IV at halftime of Game 5 and felt better almost immediately.

"It's very similar to college,'' he joked. "Once you get it out of your system, everything's OK. It's like a Friday night, you know, frat party."

There ya go, recent high school graduates — if you get sick at a college frat party from too much fried artichoke, just get an IV and you should be OK. Excellent advice, if not a little pricey.

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Ball Don't Lie

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