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Yes, for the first time in 13 years, Allen Iverson has shaved off his long hair. No more cornrows, braids, or afros. Even the baby fro he sported for part of his rookie season is out of the question.

By now, you've seen what Allen Iverson looks like, uh, now. But let me ask you one thing. Do you remember the first time he looked like what he looks like, before "by now?"

The first time he had cornrows?

It wasn't the start of the 1997-98 season, as some news outlets have suggested. No, the addition of Tim Thomas to the Philadelphia 76ers wasn't enough to drive AI to braids.

In reality, it took this contest to make the change:

The 1997 Rookie Game. That's AI on the far right, not standing.

It was a straight East/West Rookie back and forth back then, no sophomores (that didn't take off until a year after the lockout year, which went without an All-Star weekend), and AI showed up with braids. He also won the MVP award from that contest, in spite of Kobe Bryant's then-record 31 points.

And that was a good eight months before Latrell Sprewell showed up with braids to his 1997 training camp, and a good year or so before we saw anyone besides Spre or AI sporting the look.

So there you are. Hair history, BDL-style.

Take a picture now, while you can. Detroit could pick up Tim Thomas' contract any day now, and who knows what could happen from there.

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