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Today, on 790 The Zone in Atlanta, Hawks forward Al Horford(notes) threw on his slippers, pulled a chair up by the fireplace and reminisced about the delightful 2008 Eastern Conference playoffs.

Peachtree Hoops explains:

"[...] Al Horford told a story that [happened] sometime during the first two games of 2008 playoff series with Boston. [Paul] Pierce and Al were jawing at each other standing at the free throw line. Realizing talk is cheap, they made a $10,000 wager over whether the Hawks would win a game in the series or not.

Well, the Hawks actually won three, and Horford has yet to receive any money. I don't think Paul can plead ignorance. If I recall correctly, Horford made it pretty clear the Hawks won that first one."

The Hawks and Celtics have obviously played a couple of times since the heated '08 series, so it's a little odd that Horford waited until now to call ol' Scrooge McPierce out. Then again, maybe Big Al balances his books like Leon's Furniture, which allows customers to defer payments. Or maybe Al actually needs the cash to pay off that expensive Leon's love seat. I don't know.

Regardless, the two teams next face each other on Friday Nov. 13.

I'll call Charles Oakley.

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Ball Don't Lie

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