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In Thursday's "Days of NBA Lives" post, we brought you the sad story of Manu Ginobili and his lost dog Ciru. In case you missed it, the post is here, with the tweet below:

Mi dog finally made it home after 5 days! Poor thing, completely lost. Not very happy w the airline that brought us...

Indeed, I would not be very happy with the airline that brought me either if it involved losing a beloved dog for five days. But the story of Manu and Ciru goes well beyond just that one tweet. For instance, there were two others describing the five-day ordeal. They were in Spanish, so we have translated them below:

Can not imagine the mess that was to bring my dog to the country! 5hs paperwork and missed the flight to Bahia. I miss the great Ciru!.

My faithful friend Ciru finally came to Bahía! Poor dog with what happened. The airline that brought us, my sincere insults.

Ginobili has not updated his followers with a story of how he finally got Ciru back, but five hours of paperwork suggests a real struggle, even for a man of Manu's considerable fame. Usually, when an airline loses luggage, it arrives within a day or two. So what possibly could have happened to lose the great Ciru for five days?

Well, via my imagination, I am going to guess that Ciru got lost during a layover, fought with a drug-sniffing dog in customs, escaped, visited a hotel for orphaned dogs run by orphans and somewhat supervised by Don Cheadle, served as the only witness to a murder, trekked over the countryside with a sassy cat and somewhat dim canine, and finally reached his home, where he generally made a mess around the house and then had lots of babies with another dog of his same breed. Thankfully, he neither went to heaven nor died on the way back to his home planet.

In Hollywood, they call that a script treatment. Give me a call if you want to talk about optioning the rights, Manu. Look out, Tim Allen. I'll make Ciru a star.

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