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The 2009 NBA Draft's stage was filled with sharp, conservative suits, black baseball caps and a lots of purple. There were no full-on fashion disasters, which is good for fashion but boring for us. Regardless, we've rummaged through the night's photos to try and figure out who the best and worst dressed rookies were.

Let's hear your favorites, both good and bad, in the comments below.

Best Dressed: Brandon Jennings(notes), Milwaukee Bucks, No. 10
The kid arrived fashionably late in every sense of the term. Sure, it's a simple look, but what's not to like about it? The thin pinstripes, the different patterns of the shirt and tie, the overall cut of the suit — if only Jennings still had that Kid 'n Play haircut.

Worst Dressed: Hasheem Thabeet(notes), Memphis Grizzlies, No. 2
Again, there were no real fashion disasters (I'm talking Jalen Rose's REDRUM or Samaki Walker's funny hat), but since we had to give the "title" to someone, upbeat 'Beet gets it, I guess. Shiny light grey on a seven-foot-three-inch frame is not a great look. He should've stuck with his weekend-in-the-Hamptons sweater.

Best Dressed (runner-up): Blake Griffin(notes), Los Angeles Clippers, No. 1
Best purple of the night, though I'm surprised Subway didn't talk him into wearing green and yellow.

Best Tie: Ricky Rubio(notes), Minnesota Timberwolves, No. 5
According to Men's Flair: "A tiny bit geek, a tiny bit chic, skinny ties have an attitude that's all their own." Yes, an attitude that apparently doesn't want to play in frigid Minnesota.

Worst Tie: Jordan Hill(notes), New York Knicks, No. 7
I would've booed that tie, too, New York.

Best Bow Tie: James Harden(notes), Oklahoma City Thunder, No. 3
Michael Wilbon loved it: "The Arizona State swingman is the single best dressed player to ever walk across the draft stage and shake Commissioner David Stern's hand on draft night. Beige slacks, perhaps Super 120s, vest, smart two-button blazer that had just a little olive to provide a contrast with the slacks/vest and looked like it might have been, oh, silk and bamboo, topped of by a bow-tie with coordinated pocket square. Best-dressed college athlete I've ever seen. Ever."

Best Club-Look: Terrence Williams(notes), New Jersey Nets, No. 11
The Louisville guard is either a) slipping bouncer Stern a $50 to get into the club, b) asking where "Paulie Walnuts" is, or c) just sold a used '98 two-door hatchback Supra. "80,000 miles, good condition, man."

Best Accessories: Rodrigue Beaubois(notes), Oklahoma City Thunder (traded to Dallas), No. 25
Like the watch and pocket square; love the tiny French flag accent on the cuffs. Très excellent!

Worst Sweater: Austin Daye(notes), Detroit Pistons, No. 15
As Eamonn said during our five-hour long NBA Draft live blog, "Daye wins for 'suit that looks good now but will definitely look bad in old NBA footage.'"

Just Awesome: Jonny Flynn(notes), Minnesota Timberwolves, No. 6
Just awesome.

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