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Some people think it's the worst thing in the world that Laker fans will cheer for their team to score 100 points, just so they can get tacos. Some people think it's fine because tacos are very delicious. Whatever you believe about this crucial NBA issue, I think we can all agree that the Staples Center promotion is better than what the Detroit Pistons are offering.

Aired during Detroit Pistons' local broadcasts, Arby's sponsors what they call the "Instant Three Play." Hm, ok, I'm intrigued. Makes me think there might be a scratch-off ticket involved (!). But, then, here's what it promises: if a Pistons player posts a triple-double during the game, print out the box score from your local newspaper (or from the Pistons page on Fox Sports Detroit), take it to your local Arby's-those that are participating in the promotion-and get yourself... a free small curly fries!

Whoa! Chill out, Arby's. Free small curly fries? That's pretty generous. There's got to be at least fifteen spiralled potatoes in each one. You don't want to go bankrupt.

Even more hilarious is that there hasn't been a Piston with a triple-double since November of 2003, so it's not like Arby's is killing their business by handing out fries every eight days. I'd say Arby's is getting a pretty good return on their investment for this promotion, plus they get to hoard their horsey sauce. Win-win.

It's a good thing LeBron James(notes) doesn't play for Detroit, or else they'd have had to give out so many fries. So, so many fries.

(via Empty the Bench)

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Ball Don't Lie

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