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Hannah Karp wrote an entertaining post in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend on athlete entourages. Lots of NBA players are referenced, including Carmelo Anthony who uses a flowchart to keep his 10-man outfit, "Team Melo," running smoothly and Mike Bibby who has a 20-member posse called "Team Dime" that helps coach his 10-year-old son and takes orders from his mom. But the best story, in my humble opinion, has to be this gem about Ron Artest's right-hand man:

Mr. Artest's personal assistant, who grew up with him in the projects but is paid by Mr. Artest's management company, fields late-night requests for organic cookies, is developing Mr. Artest's line of athletic wear and was asked recently to remove what Mr. Artest thought were giant snake eggs in his backyard. They turned out to be mushrooms.

I watched all eleven clips of Channel 4's 'The Big Fat Quiz Show' this past weekend, but that last line about the mushrooms is ten times funnier than any joke the goth detectives, Russell Brand and Noel Fielding, delivered.

Free organic cookies to the best Photoshop representation of Ron-Ron's no doubt traumatic experience. Bonus points if you can work in Mikki Moore holding a snake ala Britney Spears at the VMAs.

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Ball Don't Lie

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