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Yesterday, we showed some love to Fear the Beard's Baron Davis-inspired PaperBeard™ movement, so it's only fair that today we spread the links around to another West playoff team's goods. Introducing the 'The Big Shaqtus' t-shirt.

I'm told "these Shaq shirts are all the rage in Phoenix" right now, and after his stellar performance against San Antonio last night, I believe it.

If you caught the game, you already know that Popovich and the Spurs had no answer for 'The Big Cactus' in the fourth quarter. When they tried defending him one-on-one with Tim Duncan, he established position deep and banged his way inside for a couple of easy baskets. When then switched it up by putting Frabricio Oberto on his back and then ran a second defender at him, Shaq atacked the rim quickly or found the open man. It was a joy to watch. He was decisive.

So, yeah, don't be surprised if you see a giddy Steve Kerr skipping around Phoenix today wearing 'The Big Shaqtus' t-shirt. And if you do, please for the love of Nash in transition, take pictures. Lots of them.

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Ball Don't Lie

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