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We love the fans, here at BDL. Mainly because we are fans, though Trey Kerby had to be convinced again after hearing Chicago Bulls brass recently discuss Brad Miller's(notes) expiring contract as "impending cap flexibility" instead of "the last step before we max him out."

And we especially love the rich fans. The celebrities, the football players we've never heard of, those MMA guys that wear those incredibly dorky shirts, and those singer/dancer/actress/model/TV presenters. Bring 'em all on. They grow amazing mustaches, they kiss grown men (I was there, it was hot), and they warm our hearts.

Boston fans? They were the best. Sure, Dane Cook was there, but otherwise these were some loud environs, cheering those C's to no end during Games 3-5.

And some of your more well-off Boston fans have decided to profess their love for the Celtics and appreciation for the job they did this spring and summer (and only this spring and summer, it should be pointed out, because late December through early April was pretty dodgy) by taking out a fullpage ad in Tuesday's Boston Globe.

The ad, clearly, is to your right. The celebrities on hand are astonishing. The Commish. Mrs. Commish. Rick Fox's girlfriend, the annoying lady from Old School, other people I don't know, the skinny woman who likely does several of the things I mentioned above that were separated by spaces, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Yes, I refuse to call him "McLovin." He has a name, people, and he looks like a young Marvin Hamlisch. This is to be celebrated.

I think it's a fantastic gesture, even if it's a little off (Boston didn't really take Los Angeles to seven games "with Perk missing the last game," did they? They took them to seven mostly with Kendrick Perkins(notes)), and I probably would have chosen a different picture.

And color scheme. Green and white? Come on.

(h/t: Skeets.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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