NBA Twitter: OKC Thunder guard Josh Giddey contemplates cutting his hair

Certain looks become associated with certain players. The most famous example being James Harden’s massive beard that’s become part of his brand.

For Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey, it’s his hair. Giddey’s hairdo has potential to grow into his brand and become one of the better hairstyles in the league.

But that won’t happen if the 19-year-old goes through with cutting his hair, which he teased to do on Twitter this past Saturday.

The general reaction to the trim possibility was of fear as fans begged Giddey to not go through with the haircut. Hopefully, for the fanbase’s sake, Giddey was just teasing about cutting his hair as it’s become an icon on itself. With Media Day a little over a week away, we’ll find out if Giddey was just messing around or being serious.


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Story originally appeared on Thunder Wire