NBA TV analyst Rick Fox is apparently quite good at turkey calls (Video)

You never know exactly what you're going to see on NBA TV's weekly "Fan Night" broadcast — depending on the vicissitudes of fate, the viewer-selected game could be either a dud or, in the case of Tuesday's Washington Wizards-Los Angeles Lakers tilt, a high-scoring nip-and-tuck battle punctuated by a burst or two of brilliance — but there's a decent chance that the studio production will offer something odd. We've had "Free Steve Nash" chants, breakdowns of the Dallas Mavericks trying to play with six guys, Shaq running around in his underwear (and, amazingly, not hitting the deck), Chris Webber's "keys to the game" ... and now, we've seen Rick Fox's hidden talent.

Or, more accurately, we've heard it.

On one hand, perhaps it should not come as a major surprise that a talented actor with credits ranging from grim and gritty ("Oz") to faux-grim-and-gritty ("Dirt") to easy-breezy ("Love, Inc.") to Lovitz-related ("Mr. Box Office") would boast some little-used ability that he can bust out when the cameras are on and it's time to perform. On the other hand, it is very weird to hear a turkey call in any situation that isn't, y'know, trying to hunt turkeys. I guess what I'm trying to say is, whichever way you want to look at this, I've got your back, so long as we stipulate that it is pretty odd in the first place.

Also, I would like to second Rick Fox's request that, if any hunters are present in the NBA TV studios, none of them shoot Rick Fox. We'll never his apparently-wished-for "Turkey Dynasty" pilot without his star power/turkey-calling chops, so keep those safeties on, please and thank you.

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Dan Devine

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