NBA Top Shot: New Threads Pack Drop

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On Monday, Nov. 29 at 11am PST, NBA Top Shot will be releasing their first Common Limited Edition set of Series 3 with the Fresh Threads drop, which will feature “star players and glue guys” who changed jerseys this offseason. There will be 130,000 packs available at $14 a pop, and each pack will include one Fresh Threads LE (Edition Size of 11,111) and four of the Series 3 Base Set Moments (Edition Size of 4K-60K+). While most folks will pull three 60K+ CC Moments alongside their Fresh Threads LE, Top Shot including that 4K number amongst the S3 Base Set Moments implies that they will also be sprinkling in some rookies in this drop, so I think this is a pack that’s worth going after. It’s also worth noting that once you secure your pack, Top Shot will allow you to hop back into the queue for your chance at grabbing another one. This is something I will definitely be doing.

Top Shot has announced 15 of the 18 players (three of these will be Reward Moments) who will be featured as LE Fresh Threads Moments in this drop, and they are as follows:

  1. Russell Westbrook

  2. DeMar DeRozan

  3. Kyle Lowry

  4. Ricky Rubio

  5. Patty Mills

  6. Kyle Kuzma

  7. Steven Adams

  8. Patrick Beverley

  9. Eric Bledsoe

  10. Devonte’ Graham

  11. Montrezl Harrell

  12. Kelly Oubre Jr.

  13. Carmelo Anthony

  14. Evan Fournier

  15. Spencer Dinwiddie

Westbrook will be receiving his second Common early in Series 2, and per Top Shot’s roadmap to Series 3, that means he will not be receiving an additional Common Moment for the remainder of S3. That doesn’t mean he won’t have any additional Moments created – it just means that when he does receive future Moments it’ll be of a higher tier.

For the rest of these guys, this will be their first Moment on their new teams and will temporarily form a bottleneck to the Full Team Set completion of their respective squads. However, they will not receive an additional LE Common during S3, meaning they will all likely have a 60K+ CC Common introduced later. For that reason, I wouldn’t hold onto these bottlenecks, as they will very likely be uncorked with a cheaper option at some point during Series 3, which will tank the value of the LE Moment.

For the yet to be revealed Reward Moments, I thought it would be a fun exercise to speculate on who those three might be, and I think it’s highly likely we’ll see Lonzo Ball and Dennis Schroder make up two of the three. Both those guys are playing incredibly well in their New Threads, and neither player has had a Moment in Series 3, yet. For the third Reward Moment, I think it’ll be one of the following players: Kemba Walker, Alex Caruso, Jonas Valanciunas, Andre Drummond.

Like Westbrook, Caruso, JV and Drummond already have a 60K+ CC Series 3 Base Set Moment, so if they do get included as LE Moments in this drop, that means they won’t receive any additional Common Moments for the remainder of Series 3.

I’m surprised that Top Shot decided to go with Evan Fournier for the New York Moment, as he’s currently posting his worst averages since his junior season with 12.8 points, 2.9 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 2.4 triples per contest on 41.7% shooting. I don’t think many Knicks fans were clamoring for this Moment, and while Kemba Walker hasn’t been great either, he has been better than Fournier and has a lot more name recognition – so I think it’s possible he’ll be one of the Reward Moments.

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Has Top Shot Finally Gotten Rid of the Challenges?

Now, never say never, but it does seem that Top Shot has gotten rid of one of their worst features – Challenges that involve completing an entire set after its release. This was always a terrible concept that would force people to overspend on scrubs, and the Reward Moment would usually sell for about a fifth of the cost that it took to complete the Challenge, so I hope this is something that goes away forever. I’m fine with the Showcase Challenges that have numerous paths to completion, in fact, I enjoy them – but I never want to see another set completion Challenge ever again. So far so good on this front, though, as none of the offseason drops featured set completion Challenges. Hopefully, that remains the case for the New Threads drop.