NBA teams hold moments of silence to honor Boston Marathon bombing victims (Video)

It's hard to know how to respond to something as horrific as the explosions that took place at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, an abysmal and vulgar display of hate that has taken at least three lives and injured at least 130 people. There are outpourings of prayers and support, such as those shared by a number of NBA players on Monday. There are practical considerations, like the cancellation of Tuesday's scheduled game between the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers, because, as our Eric Freeman wrote Monday, "the city and its sports fans are focused on more important matters at this moment."

And in NBA cities across the league on an 11-game Monday night, there were moments of silence to afford the chance for quiet contemplation, prayer and grieving. This is the kind of thing that I wouldn't have thought I wanted to watch or revisit the day after, but I found myself really, really moved by a similar collection of moments from Monday's NHL games put together by Greg Wyshynski of Y! brother blog Puck Daddy earlier today; personally, I found the compiled commemorations from Phoenix, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Oakland similarly stirring. Perhaps you will, too.

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