The NBA takes over, now

Apparently, quite cheekily, the brain(s) behind Major League Baseball's Twitter feed pounded out a simple Tweet following last night's Super Bowl, one that said, simply, "Baseball."

A nice sentiment, considering the fact that the football season, finally (in the first week of February, mind you) has ended. Pitchers and catchers are a few weeks away from reporting, and according to Punxsutawney Phil, the warming season is near. So why not oil up the glove, and prepare for baseball's endless march toward fall?

Because there's basketball to be played, you dullard. A game dependent on motion, quick thinking, athleticism, and teamwork. All those wonderful things, as opposed to baseball's pastoral and very Anglo isolationism.

The NBA, before chickening out, thought the same thing. It quoted the MLB's Tweet, RT'd the thing, and added "No" before it. And it was quite funny, until the NBA thought "better" of it, and deleted its Tweet. Not before the great Jon Bois saw and saved a screen grab of the reply:

Yes. Never has a "No" meant yes, so expertly.

Why? Because, in spite of your anticipation for the pitchers and the catches and the reportin', this is basketball's time.

There are still school buses to gas up, as they drive amongst the plains from chilly tournament to tournament. There are still conference championships to sort out, before we're allowed to fill out our bracket. And there is still a Slam Dunk and All-Star Game, with Blake Griffin(notes) appearing in both, to take in before the NBA season hits its final stretch. With nothing guaranteed, and a playoff (PLAYOFFS!) season to follow.

No, baseball, this is our time. And while I'm severely looking forward to cranking up the ole XM receiver in mid-August, dulling my senses with a beer had with lunch, and listening to nine slow innings, there's something more interesting that I'm going to take in between now and June. It's basketball, the most American of all our sports (not that Socialist, pawn-reducing football, or that Anglo, tired game of ‘roided-out catch we call "baseball"), and I hope you'll join Ball Don't Lie in digging the hell out of it until the NBA owners (again, American) decide to induce a labor vs. ownership battle this summer.

And until then, enjoy this video. Sure, this "history of the NBA" clip skips over decades at a time, and we're not sure why it stops well before 2011, but it is a fantastic watch. So turn the YouTubes down, fire up your favorite song (respectfully, cubicle-dwellers), and get ready for more memories.

Because this figures to be an epic stretch drive, and a postseason unlike any other. I'm up for it, giddy at the possibilities. I hope you are, too.

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