NBA Style Watch: Nate Robinson's new neck tattoo

NBA Style Watch occasionally checks in on the latest and greatest in on-court fashions. Whether it be new uniforms, new haircuts or new tattoos, we'll be there ... watching, judging, opining. See something particularly noteworthy? Let us know.

Nate Robinson(notes) doesn't get to play in that many games now that it's playoff time. In fact, coming into Wednesday night's Game 5, Lil' Nate had seen time in only eight of the Boston Celtics' 15 postseason games. So when he checked in for the first time midway through the third quarter it was kind of a surprise.

But Robinson playing in a hotly contested Eastern Conference finals game wasn't the only surprise Nate had in store. No, there on his neck was the other big surprise — an enormous tattoo that was mistaken for an intricately designed neck beard.

Turns out Robinson got inked prior to Game 4, but since he saw just two minutes of time, no one really got a look at the Bentley-styled winged 8 on his throat. A huge oversight by photographers worldwide, for sure. Thankfully, Nate's nearly nine minutes of burn allowed more than enough time for some snaps of his new neck mural.

With a little digging and a little logic, I've determined that the 8 on Nate's neck has to refer to "8 Block." And from there, I'm guessing — based on this pretty hilarious rap video that Robinson cameos in — that "8 Block" is a nickname for Seattle's Section 8 housing projects. I could be wrong, but it makes sense since Nate's from Rain City.

Of course, now that there's another NBA player with a neck tattoo, we all have to reconsider what we would get if we had neck tattoos. I'm thinking a nice Coca-Cola shaped "Woodwind" — after my childhood subdivision — would be a nice look.

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