NBA: Strip club's usage of logos for golf tournament at Trump Doral is unapproved

A strip club is hosting a golf tournament at Trump Doral on Saturday and it's using the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA logos on its advertisements. (AP)
A strip club is hosting a golf tournament at Trump Doral on Saturday and it's using the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA logos on its advertisements. (AP)

The NBA says a strip club’s usage of the league’s logos for a golf tournament at President Donald Trump’s Doral golf club has not been approved by the league. And now the organization set to get the funds from the tournament is backing out.

Shadow Cabaret is hosting a “Miami All Stars” tournament at Trump Doral in the Miami area on Saturday. Individual players can sign up for $450 and receive breakfast and lunch, drinks and the “caddy girl of your choice.”

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The promotional flyers for the event have the logos for the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA and proceeds from the event were supposed to purportedly go to basketball non-profits in the area. That’s ostensibly why the logos are on the flyer even though they aren’t being used with permission.

From the Washington Post Wednesday night:

Carlos Alamilla, the charity’s director, said his group serves about 40 youths in Miami. “We provide everything. We provide fitness, nutrition, basketball and academics,” he said.

The charity’s website says it is “a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Florida.” However, Franco Ripple, a spokesman for the state, said Tuesday that it is not registered as a charity in Florida. Alamilla did not immediately respond to questions about why his organization’s name was missing from state records.

A spokeswoman for the NBA and WNBA said that the leagues were not affiliated with the tournament and that their logos were used in the ads without permission.

There’s more goodness at the link above, especially if you’re concerned about the golf course attire of the dancers from the club.

But alas, the tournament won’t be benefitting the Miami All-Stars any longer. Alamilla told Talking Points Memo on Thursday, a day after the Post’s story was published, that he was backing out because “You can’t mix kids with sex.”

Revenues at Trump Doral are down significantly

You may be wondering why one of the premier properties owned by the President of the United States is hosting a golf tournament associated with a strip club. Well, it could be because the club needs the money. Per the Post, its net operating income dropped nearly 70 percent from 2015-17, largely thanks to the PGA Tour dropping the course from its World Golf Championship schedule and moving the tournament to Mexico City.

The biggest tournament played at a Trump property since he became president was in 2017 when the Women’s U.S. Open was played at Trump Bedminister. The tournament site had been chosen long before Trump was elected in 2016.

According to financial disclosure statements filed by the Trump Organization, the revenue drop the organization had through 2017 stabilized in 2018. The Doral resort is still the most revenue-generating property in the president’s golf portfolio.

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