NBA stars decide that one meeting is enough before hitting da club

Because making some showy appearance at a labor negotiation after ignoring the meetings for months and complaining about how much more you should be paid than the rank-and-file wasn't enough, several NBA stars got together to publicly dance the night away on Friday evening.

According to the New York Post (via SB Nation), LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen all celebrated their short stint as concerned NBA Players Association members with a fun time out at some party DJ'd by a something called "Swizz Beats."

From the NYP:

According to an insider at the club, "The towering athletes parted the crowd, with Carmelo leading the pack." And, "Despite the standstill and frustration regarding the current lockout, all of the guys were in great spirits, most notably Carmelo."

(It should be noted that none of the players listed above deigned to show up for Saturday morning's lockout negotiations.)

Also, someone you don't know from one of 29 NBA cities just had to figure out how to make up for 41 nights' worth of income that he or she just lost because David Stern and Dwyane Wade are acting all haughty.

Also, way to confirm David Stern's best assumptions by partying the night away after your ONE attempt at pretending that you actually care about this lockout before the checks stop coming, NBA superstars.

Also -- nobody cares about you anymore, NBA.

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