NBA set to implement stricter load management rules

The NBA is set to implement stricter rules and penalties aimed at reducing load management — the resting of star players during nationally televised and in-season tournament games — as well as preventing multiple All-Stars from sitting out regular season games per recent reporting from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. This initiative is in response to recommendations from the league’s competition committee and is expected to be approved by the league’s board of governors.

Under the new rules, the league office will have greater authority to enforce discipline for missed games, and teams can face fines exceeding $1 million for violating the resting rules. The definition of a star player, in this context, includes individuals who have made the All-Star or All-NBA teams in any of the three previous seasons.

The fine system for teams will start at $100,000 for the first offense, increase to $250,000 for the second offense, and further escalate with each subsequent violation. The enforcement of these policies will involve league office investigations, including independent medical reviews.

With the Boston Celtics fielding a number of injury-prone players, this should impact the team little if at all next season given all those players do not meet the criteria of a star set by the league.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire