Young NBA players display their lack of artistic ability in new trading cards (PHOTOS)

The vast majority of first and second-year NBA players are very young, old enough to vote but in many cases unable to drink alcohol legally. Given the major expectations teams and fans place on them, it's sometimes important to remember that, if they weren't so athletically gifted, they'd be making fools of themselves like most other college-aged kids. It's useful to be reminded of these facts, because it can help develop a sense of perspective.

Sometimes, though, the youth of these players becomes undeniable. Take, for instance, a recent team-up between several of the league's youngsters and Panini, official trading-card partner of the NBA. For some reason, Panini decided it would be a good idea to have these players try their hands at drawing. The results are fantastic (via Deadspin), or at least weird enough to get attention on the Internet.

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Above, check out Detroit Pistons big man Andre Drummond's attempt at recreating the mascot of his alma mater, the UConn Huskies. After the jump, take a gander at more of the cards, including a tremendously creepy version of the Texas Longhorns logo and several more works of art that require prolonged study.

(Author's note: I have negative artistic talent and would probably do much worse than these if given the chance. Particularly if I tried to draw an animal and/or sun.)

At first, I thought that Fab Melo had decided to creep people out and depict a depleted landscape from an existentialist Western, but then I remembered he's from Brazil. So, really, he just did a poor job of depicting the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Here's Drummond again, presumably displaying his love of the video game character Kirby.

Look, Tristan Thompson: I know that cows are really weird-looking, but this is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. As noted by Samer Kalaf at Deadspin, it is effectively a rejected illustration from "Life in Hell."

Jonas Valanciunas likes to drive at night, I guess. I think we can all relate to that.

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