The NBA ranks the top 10 dunks and plays of the 2012-13 regular season (Videos)

The 2012-13 NBA regular season ends on Wednesday night, but for all intents and purposes (the usually misspoken “for all intensive purposes” also has a literal application here) the season may well have ended days ago. The Miami Heat have been resting various players for weeks. The San Antonio Spurs will hardly resemble the team that topped the Western Conference for most of the season when they suit up tonight. The New York Knicks may have to field Rick Brunson at center tonight, and even Kevin Durant is taking the night off – handing the scoring crown to New York’s resting (‘natch) Carmelo Anthony.

Because the last night will probably only result in some slapdash fun – in spite of the serious pitched battles being waged in search of either the final playoff seeds or important playoff positioning – the league has decided to go ahead and count up its favorite dunks and plays of the season. Good thing, because we very much doubt that Tyshawn Taylor will create a need for an addition to this list following Wednesday night.

(Tyshawn plays for the Nets. They’re in Brooklyn now.)

The videos start after the jump.

It’s hard to argue with that list. If you couldn’t be bothered, DeAndre Jordan’s absurd throwdown over Brandon Knight topped the list. And rightfully so. It’s hard to argue with any of the clips beyond that (I’d perhaps switch DeMar DeRozan and Harrison Barnes at the fourth and second spots), and in all it was a satisfying NBA season full of flushes.

Flushes are just one end of things, though. The play is the thing, an all-encompassing thing, and the NBA has been kind enough to give us their take on the top 10 of the season’s full calendar (minus one night, in Wednesday night).


As you noticed, there was some crossover. The NBA really does have a thing for Harrison Barnes, and we hope Harrison pays out on that bet. J.R. Smith and Joe Johnson making up 40 percent of the list? Well, show us something in May, NYC and BKLN.

The playoffs start in less than 72 hours. Sixteen of the teams featured in today’s incomplete standings will be on hand. NBA fans? Buckle up, and steer straight.

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