The NBA playoff bracket is officially set after the Blazers won the first-ever play-in tournament (Scott Davis)
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  • The NBA playoffs bracket is set.

  • The Western Conference had a play-in tournament, which the Portland Trail Blazers won over the Memphis Grizzlies, setting up a first-round matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers

  • The playoffs begin on Monday, August 17.

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The NBA playoff bracket is officially set.

Eight seeding games led to the NBA's first-ever "play-in" tournament in the Western Conference between the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies.

The Blazers won the game, 126-122, on Saturday, meaning they locked in a first-round matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The playoffs begin on Monday, August 17. 

Here is the bracket, via CBS:

nba playoff bracket

Some notes about the matchups:

  • There is already some upset buzz around the Blazers-Lakers series. The Lakers are the better team, no doubt, but they don't have anyone who can reasonably match up with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum. The Blazers can match the Lakers size, and the Lakers have been underwhelming in the bubble. Then again, Portland has considerable defensive issues to sort out.

  • Rockets-Thunder stands to be the juiciest first-round matchup, with Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook (not to mention James Harden, though that feels like ancient history) playing their former teams. However, Westbrook will miss the beginning of the series with an injury.

  • Celtics-76ers may be the highlight series in the East, thanks to the two teams' bitter history. The 76ers signed Al Horford away from the Celtics last summer, and Horford was the Celtics' Joel Embiid-stopper. Ben Simmons missing the rest of the season takes away some of the juice, however.

  • Heat-Pacers will be notable after Jimmy Butler and T.J. Warren, one of the breakout stars of the bubble, nearly came to blows back in January. Two physical teams, this series has the potential to get rough, ugly, and entertaining.

  • The Jazz and the Nuggets had a double-overtime game earlier in the bubble, and the two teams match up similarly.

  • The Clippers may be a bad matchup for the Mavericks (they won the season series 3-0), but with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Luka Doncic, and Kristaps Porzingis, it may be the most star-studded first-round matchup.

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